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How To Purchase Diamond As A Gift?

Here are certain aspects that you should own in mind before purchasing and gifting a diamond. A diamond is generally measured through the 3-C formula These three Cs are Clarity and Color, Cut and Carat How To Purchase Diamond As…


New York is stamped with diamonds

The New York City diamond state is loaded down with upper-class stones. Shopping around the New York City diamond girdle for top gems and jeweler parts could be restraining initially, merely if you’re fresh supposed to except out the superior…


Special Fornasetti Plates for Valentines Day

Fornasetti’s work, fusing Surrealism and Neo Classicism, isenjoying a major revival, and his black, white and gold plates depictingportraits of the enigmatic, saucer eyed, alabaster skinned 19th century beautyLina Cavalieri, are a memorable standard of his work. This pile only…